Mark Feiden is a sixth-generation Kansan with pioneer roots in Wabaunsee and Reno counties. Originally from Wichita, Mark began exploring the back roads of Kansas as an alternative to the Turnpike while attending the University of Kansas in Lawrence. What began as a diversion soon became a dedication--to the sharing of "this... good country" through photography and other works. In 1997, Mark cofounded The Konza Press in partial fulfillment of this mission.

Mark now lives in Roeland Park, Kansas, where in addition to photography and publishing, he works as an Interaction and Information designer.


"This area of Kansas contains the Smoky Hills, an area of rolling hills with occasional mesas and buttes. Pawnee Rock, Coronado Heights, and Rock City are notable elements of the landscape, as are the rock "toadstools" in this park. More of these unique forms, sculpted by erosion, may be seen at Mushroom Rocks State Park near Carneiro, east of Ellsworth.

For centuries, Native Americans lived int his area. European claims began with the Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, who came here in 1541. A French explorer, Etienne de Bourgmont, passed near here in 1724. The area became a U.S. Territory in 1803 with the Louisiana Purchase. The first American expedition to come here, in 1806, was led by Zebulon Pike. From here he traveled on to the Rockies and the peak that now bears his name."

Excerpted from Kansas State Historical Marker
Ellsworth, Kasnas.

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