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April 1, 2020 through May 31, 2020

Featuring Scott Bean, Dave Leiker, Mark Feiden, Teresa Grove, Jim Richardson,
Edward Robison, Brian Schoenfish,
and Harland Schuster

In the Storm, Jim Richardson, 2006

Moonrise at Teter Rock, Edward C. Robison III, 2016

Burned Ground, Mark Feiden, 2019

Sweat Bee on Prairie Wild Rose, Dave Leiker, 2015

Rings of Fire, Teresa Grove, 2016

Prairie in Bloom, Scott Bean, 2017

Untitled, Harland J. Schuster, 2006

Stormy Path, Brian Schoenfish, 2013

Cruising the Wild Alfalfa, Jim Richardson, 2006

Redbud's Glow, Edward C. Robison III, 2010

Spring in the Flint Hills, Mark Feiden, 2006

Barn and Quince Orphan Garden, Dave Leiker, 2010

First Signs of Spring, Teresa Grove, 2019

Hill of Fire, Brian Schoenfish, 2017

Untitled, Harland J. Schuster, 2005

Forms and Shapes, Scott Bean, 2012

Patterns of Spring Burn, Jim Richardson, 2006

Ignition, Edward C. Robison III, 2011

Wild Bachelor Buttons and Wheat Rows, Dave Leiker, 2012

Heavenly Light, Mark Feiden, 2012

Just Past Sunset, Brian Schoenfish, 2014

Smoke in the Valley, Teresa Grove, 2016

Untitled, Harland J. Schuster, 2011

Relaxing View, Scott Bean, 2019

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