"This is a good country --much better in many respects than the Fatherland. The vine-clad hills of the old country are not so rich as the rocky hills of Wabaunsee County."

--Sebastian Nehring, Feiden ancestor, Kansas pioneer

Mark Feiden is a sixth-generation Kansan with pioneer roots in Wabaunsee and Reno counties. Originally from Wichita, Mark began exploring the back roads of Kansas as an alternative to the Turnpike while attending the University of Kansas in Lawrence. What began as a diversion soon became a dedication--to the sharing of "this... good country" through photography and other works. In 1997, Mark cofounded The Konza Press in partial fulfillment of this mission.

Mark now lives in Roeland Park, Kansas, where in addition to photography and publishing, he works as an Interaction and Information designer.

Cesarina and Carlo Bianchi

"Of my many, many, trips to the prairie, one in particular will always stand out. It was the third day of Cesarina and Carlo Bianchi's first trip to the United States. Afforded a single, brief opportunity to play ambassador, and unable to converse, I chose a a place where the land speaks for itself. I timed the drive so that we would crest the wide-open central Flint Hills at sunset. The wide-eyed, emotional reaction of my guests touched me deeply--reminding me that this place, so often take for granted by those of use who live here, is indeed quite special."
--Mark Feiden

Eye of the Storm, Marion County, Kansas, 1986

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